Where to begin?

This COVID-19 stuff is, and has always been out of control, I mean that inasmuch as the mortality rate is less than 1% and the world has been in a panic about it since March.

I haven’t posted anything because it would just be complete and utter ranting and raving, and at the end of doing stuff like that, I’ve come to understand that nothing changes, that the effort one puts into such an exhausting tirade is just never worth it. I mean, what should I expect to happen? Am I supposed to feel better after having vented? I suppose, but the problem remains, and so it’s wasted effort to complain about it.

So, I think I will start posting up more of the content that goes back to my earlier days, back when kids were allowed to go ride their bikes, and jump ramps, and skin their knees without causing parental panic.

Stand bay, it’s coming soon, I promise.

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