Get off my lawn..

I made this site mostly to rant.

I suppose, I’ve become one of those grumpy old men that I’ve always thought were upset for no reason at all. I’m old enough now to realize those old guys had plenty of reason to be upset.

I was born back in the early 60’s and so I guess that makes me a ‘Boomer‘, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and almost always in areas that you would not classify as ‘nice‘ but to me, it was normal, and growing up there, I figured everybody was growing up the same way I was, just in different parts of the country. Boy, was I wrong.

I learned some things early on, and I think have served me well in life.

  1. Respect your Elders: You don’t have to love them, or even like them, but they are older and still alive, and they have seen, and gone through things you cant imagine. They deserve our respect, and we can learn much from them.
  2. Treat others as you’d like to be treated: This is so ridiculously simple, but in today’s world, with the self-centered, entitled way people function, it’s rarely considered anymore, and that’s probably the biggest problem in the world today.
  3. If a situation will absolutely end in violence, then be the most violent. Fights are mostly a thing of the past, but when they used to happen, it went without saying that you had to be the most violent, vicious animal involved. Win or lose, your willingness to go completely feral said more about you than whether you won or lost.

The world today, is much changed from when I was growing up, in some good ways, and in some bad ways. I am convinced the Internet has allowed people to run their mouths to others with no fear of getting an ass-kicking. We need more ass-kicking in the world today, no other experience will instill wisdom in you like an old-fashioned ass-whipping will. That lesson is equally taught to the winner, and the loser. The winner learns that there are people out there that will fight if things escalate enough, and the loser learns that there is always someone tougher than they are. The main lesson I learned, after being on both sides of these outcomes, is “Is whatever I’m doing, worth this potentially escalating into a fist fight?“. I really wish more people thought this way, but in today’s world, very few do.

Another reason old men get so grumpy, is that many old men around today, grew up as blue-collar guys that worked hard most of their lives, and their bodies are broken, many times us old dudes are taking piles of pills everyday, and will continue to take those pills for the rest of our lives, pills help, but they don’t cure. That makes us ornery.

I used to be Hell on Wheels, back when I was a Younger Man, now my Body says ‘you can’t do that boy..’ but my Pride says ‘Oh yes you can…’

‘As Good As I Once Was’ Toby Keith

Old guys think they are much younger when they consider themselves. They think they are stronger than they are, they think they are faster than they are. They think everything works the way it used to 20 or 30 years ago, when the truth is, those things don’t work that way anymore.

Old guys see young men these days, and notice many of them have either lost, or never had any masculinity, and it pains them because they wish they were younger, but seeing these ‘guys’, it looks like a gigantic waste, down the road they’ll get old too, and realize how they squandered their youth.

So this site, it’s mostly going to be me complaining about the world today, and I’ll be sure to post some stories of my younger days. Hopefully, if you have made it this far in my rant, you’ll enjoy the content, and if you don’t, well then get the hell off my lawn!